Monday, July 19, 2010

Here are some updates!

OK so I am sorry I have been really bad at updating this but I am not promising to get any better. :) Maybe when Logan is sleeping I will. Here are a few recent pictures of him and Ty. Logan is 6 months old and weights 16 lbs and is 29 in tall. He is tall and lean! He has a great personality, he is very observant and just likes to watch things going on around. He rolls every where and is starting to really scoot on his tummy! I just dread when he is crawling! Ty is teaching him the basics, like how to swing a sword and hold a light saber (Logan is learning to hold his own against his big brother :) Sorry the pictures aren't great, they are from our video camera because our regular camera has issues (AKA I have issues with it).

Brother play time! They love each other so much, both get so excited to see the other in the mornings!
Tyler is becoming a little man. I can't believe how old he is! This was what he wanted to wear to church so that he looked like Daddy. He is so sweet and such a big helper with Logan. He continues to amaze us with how smart he is and how good of a memory he has, nothing gets past this kid!

My Crazy Boys!

Logan realizing his father is crazy!!
Jake: "You can't see me!!"
Look a tree in my bedroom, I wonder where the boys went! (They are crazy but I love the more then life)
Again with the book!
He wasn't happy playing with his toy the right way so he moved himself!

More pictures

Logan LOVES books and water bottles, I know he sounds more like a puppy but every chance he gets he grabs my book or one of Tyler's, he is not nearly as happy if I give him one of his of course.

Feet make a great book holder apparently, I should try that out.
Then there is his foot that ALWAYS seems to find its way into his mouth, and he has a big foot!

5 Months old

He loves his feet!

His second pair of hands

Big Eyes

Playing Catch up

About 4 1/2 months old

Ty on a bed of nails at the Science Museum

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tyler can always make Logan laugh

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Logan's Blessing

Here is a picture from Logan's blessing. It was a crazy quick trip to Seattle, but it was nice to see our family there.